43,000 SF Building with 12,000 SF office


The Adkins-Polk/Western States Grocery Building was originally a one-story load bearing masonry commercial. Set on a concrete base approximately 4-feet above grade, the exterior walls are brick and feature few stylistic features, limited to a modestly corbelled and dentilated parapet. The building was constructed in two sections that are roughly equal in size, the first constructed in 1926 and the second immediately to the west as an addition. Before the renovation, the building was used as a distillery for Firestone and Robinson.

The primary scope of work was to ready the building for a new life with future tenants. As construction commenced, a bowling alley, law office, marketing firm, and a real estate firm made it their headquarters. Several architectural insertions were added to make the building function better: leveling floors, inserting glazing into opaque existing openings, adding ramps and steps, and extending existing loading docks on the north and south side of the building. The scope included 2 parking lots and a street on the south side.


April 2022