Workplace of the Future by Metropolis

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Workplace of the Future by Metropolis

Completed: 2013

“Our beds are empty two-thirds of the time. Our living rooms are empty seven-eighths of the time. Our office buildings are empty one-half of the time. It’s time we gave this some thought.”

Buckminster Fuller

As technology advances, the needs of our workspaces transform from real space to virtual space. The current model of office buildings is inefficient and outdated. Office buildings today are emptying as the workforce is increasingly more mobile. The office has morphed into an everywhere and anywhere place. No longer grounded by wires, we have the freedom to work where we choose. Due to this paradigm shift, many public spaces provide charging stations and “touchdown” areas for people to check email, work on their laptops or collaborate over the phone.

nOffice is a series of elements that serve a distinct function and can be used in any public space. nOffice serves human needs on multiple scales while enabling businesses to improve their bottom line. The design components provide the worker with a mobile office that can be carried with them, like a briefcase, to store a phone, tablet or computer. When the worker reaches his/her destination, the briefcase itself transforms into a mobile office with a desk and chair. Our inspiration is routed in simplicity and hearkens to outdoor gear. In choosing materials, we weighed equally aesthetics with functionality. Extruded aluminum serves as the framing material, while a high-tension fabric stretches across the frame to create the enclosure. Foldable, portable, lightweight, easily integrated within the public stratum, with an emphasis on aesthetics combined with inspiration by outdoor gear, nOffice is the Workplace of 2020.

Date: December 06, 2013