Triquest Technologies

Fort Worth, TX

Scope:  9,500 SF  Exterior & Interior Renovation

Completed: January 2016

About:  Triquest Technologies is an IT Service and support company.

Interior:   The existing space design hugged offices along the windows stealing light from the interior.  Also prohibiting light were low ceilings.  The design concept was constructed around farming natural light further into the space for the employees while implementing a consistent view of the server room and a visual connection from end to end.  The interior walls are white and angled to bounce natural light further into the space and provide a rhythm along the linear circulation spine.  The space divided into public versus private and tied together with a blue ceiling ribbon; reflective of the company colors.  Huddle rooms between office boxes provide an opportunity to study, read, or meet.  The program consists of a training room, conference room, offices, workroom, and a coffee/lounge play area.

Photos by Joseph Anzaldua

Date: July 28, 2016