The Space Event Venue

Fort Worth, TX

Scope:  5,200 SF  Interior and Exterior Renovation

Completed: February 2016

About:  The Space is an event venue extension of Kent & Co Wines.

Exterior:   The existing exterior was a bland CMU building with a metal building attached.  While keeping most of the design focus on the interior, we screened the facade with outdoor porches.  The porches area a reflection of the front porches of the adjacent historic Fairmount Neighborhood.  A new steel canopy guides you inside.

Interior:   Once inside, the canopy continues to guide patrons to a circular interior reception that houses a glowing ceiling disc, seating and wine display.    By removing walls, opening the interior, and combined the two buildings into a unified space the design becomes flexible.  The space can be used as three separate rooms or one fluid open space.  Teachers will present from three custom roaming wine bars.  Other program elements include outdoor rooms, storage, catering kitchen and a restroom salon.

The Space

Client:Kent & Co Wines
Date: February 29, 2016