Tarrant Technologies

Fort Worth, TX

Scope:  3,000 SF  Interior Technology Office Renovation

Completed: March 2016

About:  The inital design meeting commenced with the phrase, ‘We only need standard finishes.’  Never content with standard, the project goal was to take simple materials and transform them into a clean, tech sensation throughout while varying the spaces from public to semi-public to private.

Interior:   The program consists of 2 offices, conference room, work room, server room, and break room.   By removing walls and opening the interior, the program became more flexible.  The office is split into 2 sections, separated by nine feet long cabinet bays and sliding plywood/whiteboard panels.  The entry greets customers with douglas fir slats and provides spill over meeting space from the conference room.  The sliding panels are functional and deliver a writing surface during impromptu meetings and affords an opportunity for play.  Behind the sliding panels is an open office work area with three Kimball workstations.  Due to the open office, concepts were introduced to mitigate the typical problems of the open office. Colored wood slats running floor to ceiling were located in front of each office to aid in privacy, color, and texture. Two phone rooms were created in the middle of the large office area to generate private time for study or mental escape.  Each phone room has a bench, writing surface, and a shoe cubby for ultimate comfort.  The work room, break room, and server room were all located in the back and hidden from public view.  Finally, a bright orange ribbon on the floor leads users from the open to the more private spaces.


Date: July 29, 2016