Small Stops Competition

Fort Worth Texas

Completed: May 2017

About:  The bus stop experience is critically important and one of the most influential factors affecting the overall appeal of a mass transit system. In Fort Worth, the vast majority of public transit passengers ride the bus. The quality of the experience waiting for the bus, along with the frequency of reliability of service, shape perceptions of the entire system. As a result, the bus stop experience, by extension, shapes our transit system’s future, just as the appeal and comfort – or lack thereof – of our bus stops influence the transportation choices of potential riders. SMALL STOPS seeks to integrate innovative and compelling bus shelter design into Fort Worth’s urban fabric. In researching the needs for riders, the team identified a list of significant design considerations for applicants. The list below is not exhaustive but represents the most common issues identified by current riders, drivers, and administrators of The T:  Safety, Shade, Seating, Lighting, Route and schedule information, Waiting rider notification, Aesthetics and appearance, Construction and maintenance costs.  Two stops were part of the competition.

Small Stops Competition

Functional Stop: Northbound stop for #6 route, located south of southeast corner of Magnolia and 8th Avenue:

Artistic Stop: Westbound stop for routes #4 & #6, located west of northwest corner of Pennsylvania and Henderson:



Date: May 26, 2017