Salsa Limón Maggie

Fort Worth Texas

Scope:  2,400 SF Interior Renovation with Patio

Completed: November 2018

About:  Salsa Limón is committed to serving unapologetically Mexico City style tacos. Pushing the limits of quality and flavor to the highest levels. Call us a taco cult, call us “los chilangos,” call us the finest professional taqueria.

Interior: Building upon the previous interior designs of Salsa Limón, ‘Maggie’ ventures back to the roots of a Mexican City taqueria.  Vibrant whites mixed with accents of wood bring the open space to life while the counter ties the restaurant and bar together.  Polished concrete floors anchor the design.  Selective art pieces fill in to create visual fun throughout the space.

Photos by Olaf Growald

Salsa Limon

Date: November 05, 2018