Salsa Limón Flor de Mayo

Dallas, Texas

Scope:  3,450 SF  Interior Renovation

Completed: March 2017

About:  Salsa Limón is utterly committed to serving unapologetically Mexico City style tacos. Pushing the limits of quality and flavor to the highest levels. Call us a taco cult, call us “los chilangos,” call us the finest professional taqueria.

Interior:   It’s been a half-century since the historic Mayflower Building in downtown Dallas has been renovated.  The upper nine floors of the Mayflower Building has been  transformed from the Mayflower Insurance Co. to a modern-style 215-unit apartment building with ground floor restaurant space and parking for building goers.  One of the standout features of the building is a massive six-story tall interior atrium designed in a former computer center space. It was once home to a 1960s-era computer used for insurance tabulating.

Salsa Limon’s Flor de Mayo possesses the spirit of the mid-century existing building.  Vibrant white mixed with Mexican taqueria accents of wood bring the open space to life that allows patrons to move through the space with visual cues.  A peninsula bar marks the space as modern, clean, and fun while providing interaction and seating options.

Salsa Limon

Photos by Parish Photography

Date: May 26, 2017