Food Truck Park

Joshua, Texas

Scope:  24,740 sf Food Truck Park, 600 sf Permanent Restaurant/Bar, 600 sf Indoor/Outdoor Eating, 200 sf Restroom under 4,000 sf Roof

Completed: Unrealized

The food truck is a modern-day chuck-wagon, and it will always be in demand in some form.  Texas has conducive weather for eating outdoors most of the year, plenty of culinary entrepreneurs, and cities willing to work with the owners without strict legislation.  However, there are still problems with most of the gathering parks for the trucks.  First, most parks are empty when the weather shifts.  Rain, extreme hot, and cold weather lowers attendance and revenue.  Food Truck Park aims at solving the problems of the first generation impromptu parks. Joshua, Texas has an inactive downtown with empty buildings situated along a railroad.  The city leaders recognized the potential of incorporating a food truck park that would revitalize and activate the downtown, create a pedestrian friendly area, and be an epicenter for events and festivals. In addition, the park would have a permanent restaurant tenant to provide the activation the park and city requires.  Another key feature is an indoor/outdoor eating area.  The park will be in use year-round in any type of weather.  Other program requirements consist of a significant public entrance on two streets, public stage area for downtown events, open green space, and public restrooms.  The design conveys the feel of a train platform with the program pieces exploded apart from one another to allow for unique space flexibility, shade from the Texas sun, and capture the summer breeze.  An area for kids, decks, and hammocks would populate the green space.



Client:City of Joshua
Date: April 20, 2014