Craftwork Coffee Co. Camp Bowie

Fort Worth, TX

Scope:  3,250 SF  Interior and Exterior Renovation

Completed: January 2016

About:  Craftwork Coffee Co is a specialty coffee shop and vibrant workspace thriving on the balance of the life and work of a community.

Exterior:   The exterior is part of a strip center from another place in time.  However,  it is strategically placed at the end of the strip providing two fronts. This fortunate position allows for a wall mural sited toward fast-moving cars passing down Camp Bowie Boulevard.  The main facade work included exterior glazing, new door and canopy, but retaining the existing rusticated masonry.

Interior:   Because the space is designed to be centered around community while combining two differing programmatic elements, we conceived of a linear organizer to achieve this goal.  The organizer houses functional pieces of both the coffee shop and the office space.  For the coffee area, the organizer houses a serving station and seating along with a visual connection between the two spaces.  For the working space, it houses a check-in station, sitting nook, display wall, printer station, and and community table.  The office space program includes 10 individual offices, 4 team suites offices that spill out into an open area, and one conference room.  Everything from the design to the coffee is crafted with the patron in mind.


Photos by Joseph Anzaldua at www.janzimages.format.com

Date: February 29, 2016