Craftwork Coffee Co Foundry

Fort Worth Texas

Scope:  3,900 SF  Interior Renovation

Completed: August 2018

About:  Craftwork Coffee Co is a specialty coffee shop and vibrant workspace thriving on the balance of the life and work of a community.

Interior:    Craftwork Foundry is designed to fit in and stand out in the Foundry District. The original use of the building was a mechanic’s shop.  Upon exploring the existing building, we found it skinned with mid-century breeze block on the exterior.  The design is an exploration of rich woods, patterns, colors, and breeze block.  The workspace program features 9 team offices, 4 micro offices, 2 call booths, conference room, and break area.  To tie into the entrepreneurial atmosphere of the surrounding district, Craftwork introduced 3 micro retail spaces directly behind the coffee bar that house local retailers. Energized by the adjacent coffee shop, the environment provides the ideal balance of ambient sound to keep everyone moving through the week.  Everything from the design to the coffee is crafted with the patron in mind.

Photos by Olaf Growald


Date: May 31, 2018