Cottage Communities Fort Worth

Fort Worth Texas

Completed: February 2019

About: Architects around the world have proposed solutions to the problem of affordable and subsidized housing.  Any solution, unless multi-faceted along with programs, resources and public policy, seems insufficient.  This design competition seeks to solve a global humanitarian crisis through a trending housing typology.  We have chosen to explore this complex and sensitive problem through an approachable medium.  Cartoon.  Architects speak through graphic representations.  Problems are explored through diagram.  Solutions are described in detail.  Cartoons can say things that we otherwise would not.  They are evocative.  They suspend reality.  By weaving a narrative of multiple characters with differing opinions on the appropriate solution, we have studied the problem from multiple angles within the parameters outlined.  From Utopian naivete to frighteningly pragmatic solutions, this graphic novel explores overlapping realities, pre-conceived ideas, biases, nuanced experiences and infinite solutions.

Is homelessness a housing problem after all?  The basic needs of thousands of homeless individuals and families within our City are not being met.  Architecture alone cannot solve this complex issue.  The solutions, like the the graphic discourse presented, must provide a framework that considers pragmatism and sustainability; resources and programs; aesthetics and beauty; political and social awareness; compassion and humanity.

Awards: Honorable Mention


Date: February 21, 2019