College Avenue Lofts

Fort Worth, Texas

Scope:  1,160 sf commercial; 10,500 sf residential lofts; interior parking garage

Completed: January 2016

College Avenue Baptist Church Annex was designed by Clyde H. Woodruff, erected in 1925, and is located one block south of the trendy West Magnolia Avenue.  The 3 story brick building is a contributing structure to the Historic Fairmount Neighborhood.

Exterior:  Small strategic insertions were added to the facade to maintain the historic character of the building.  A steel overhead canopy, accessible concrete ramp, stair and railing, and entry door were added for the new commercial space.  The main residential entry door will be new along with a garage door added for the interior parking garage.  The existing wood roof trusses over the east half of the building were demolished and replaced with a new steel roof.  The west half of the roof remains.

Interior:  The interior houses 7 modern high end loft apartments; half with double height space.  Wall murals and art are planned for the parking garage and the residential interior.  A piano, bought with the space and survived construction, resides in the residential vestibule as a found object.  The design concept is to retain the existing as raw while the new architectural insertions are  smooth, modern, and monolithic.

Awards:  2016 Fort Worth Neighborhood Revitalization Award & 2016 Historic Fort Worth Preservation Project Award.


Photos by Olaf Growald, Larry Fagala & Duke Lane at Matrix Tours.



Date: August 22, 2014